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TTMD XI. International HVAC+R Technology Symposium 2014
TTMD Antalya Semineri
AquaConserver Project Final Meeting was held at TTMD, Ankara Plaza Hotel, Turkey
6th Mediterranean Congress of Climatization, CLIMAMED was held on 2-3 June in Madrid, Spain
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About TTMD
TTMD has been founded in 1992 to develop the services given by Mechanical Engineering in heating, refrigerating, ventilating, plumbing, insulation and fire extinguishing fields. Currently TTMD is one of the biggest non-governmental organizations (NGO) in Turkey having approximately 2000 professional members of designers, representatives, manufacturers, implementers, academic personal etc.

TTMD carry out many co-operations with universities, industry, research institutions and other professional expert groups for the objectives of creating living areas which are environmentally friendly, utilizing the energy more efficiently and having more sophisticated buildings and installations in it. Doing this, TTMD carry out the information and technology transfer.

TTMD represent the Turkish engineers in international platforms and keeps being in contact with international professional associations, following the technological developments and transferring them to its members. TTMD is member of ASHRAE, REHVA and CLIMAMED.

In addition to the seminars and courses regularly organized TTMD organizes also symposium and congresses, publishes journals, books and manuals containing recent information.

TTMD Management Board

Sarven Çilingiroğlu(President)
Dr. Kazım Beceren
Göksel Duyum
Birol Eker
Dr. Kemal Gani Bayraktar
Tamer Şenyuva
Kani Korkmaz
Bahri Türkmen
Ömer Okan Sever
Gökhan Ünlü
Orhan Bağran
İbrahim Üstün Tatlıdil
Ayşen Hamamcıoğlu

Supervisory Board

Murat Gürenli
Hırant Kalataş
Dr. Celalettin Çelik

Honorary Committee

Celal Okutan
Akdeniz Hiçsönmez
Kevork Çilingiroğlu


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