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  • » PANEL I

    Turkish HVAC+R Industry BIM (Building Information Modeling) Strategy
    Ozan Atasoy TTMD Member
    ISKID Secretary General
    Panelistler: Daniel Kazado

    BIM Consultant
    ProCS Professional Construction Solutions

      Taner Yönet ISKID Vice Chairman
      Önder Boyalıklı MTMD Board of Directors Member
      Mehmet Oskay TTMD Member
    Moskay Engineering & Contracting LTD. Co.
      Berke Çelikel ARUP Turkey
      Utku Başyazıcı DOXA87
      Melike Altınışık Melike Altinisik Architects

    Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent 3D model - based process that equips architecture, engineering, and construction professionals with the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.

    BIM is a fast developing application in especially US, UK and Western European countries. It is getting more common in especially international projects and started to be requested in some big projects in Turkey. It is expected that in near future we will see BIM application more common.

    In this panel BIM strategy of Turkish Hvac+R industry will be discussed to find out the influence of BIM to the industry. Panelists are selected from the building design, construction and material suppliers to share their opinion about influence on their business and what they will need to manage this transformation to BIM.

  • » PANEL II


    Prof. Dr. Sadık Kakaç

    Emeritus, University of Miami (USA)
    TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Ankara (TURKEY)

    Prof. Dr. Yunus Ali Çengel

    Adnan Menderes University,
    Aydin, Turkey
    (Also University of Nevada,
    Reno, NV, USA)

    Prof. Dr. Birol Kılkış

    Prof. Dr. Birol Kılkış
    Baskent University

    Dr. Cemil İnan

    Product Director of Arçelik  
    responsible from global operations
     of Refrigerator and 
    Compressor business Eskişehir
    WIDEN YOUR WORLD FOR EFFICIENT SOLUTIONS: The Importance of Thermodynamics
    Prof. Dr. Sadık Kakaç Emeritus, University of Miami, USA, TOBB University of Economics and Technology
    Panelistler: Prof. Dr. Yunus Ali Çengel Adnan Menderes University (Also University of Nevada, Reno, NV, USA)
      Prof. Dr. Birol Kılkış Baskent University
      Dr. Cemil İnan Product Director of Arçelik (Global Operations of Refrigerator and Compressor)

    In this panel, it will be showen how to today’s science of thermodynamics evolved starting from the Sadi Carnot’s heat engine studies in which heat was seen as a wieghtless fluids called “caloric”. Thermodynamics is a basic science that has been essential part of Engineering curricula. Therefore some techniques in teaching that will make the thermodynamics experience of students a more pleasent and fruitful one relating the subject matter to real applications and experience are explained; in addition, the role of thermodynamics in today’s indusrial Research agenda with some examples and cases from Industrial R&D are also given.

    In this panel, exergy dimension to zero - enegy building concept and its importance is also discussed; net zero - exergy, near – zero and low - exergy building concepts are defined, and differences from the laws of science of thermodynamics are indicated.

    As a practical application to the analysis of heat exchanger design, an experimental set up has been designed and built to test the performance of gasketed-plate heat exchangers. The analysis is the application of the first law of thermodynamics for an open system under the steady-state conditions.


    Design and Planning in Achieving Successful Buildings
    Can Çinici Cinici Architects
    Panelistler: Mehmet Okutan Okutan Engineering
      Burak Ünder Under Architects
      Serdar Binzet Renaissance Technical Construction Industry and Commerce
      Mehmet Karadurak Aykar Engineering

    Mainstream building practice presupposes technical consultancies such as civil, mechanical, infrastructural and electrical engineering besides architecture as separate fields of project making, keping in mind that these are all the different aspects of the same building activity. During the last two decades, green concerns have given rise to sustainability consultancies also besides others The panel focuses on the interdisiplinary nature of the building activity, most common traps the current practice faces as well as future possibilites in developing a more enhanced physical environment.


Endorsed by ASHRAE